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A mobile tracker application may be what you need. You can send your spouse an email with an image in it — once he or she clicks on it, the app is installed without their knowledge. This app can monitor their texts, emails, calls, and location as well. Another option is FlexiSpy , which also can track texts, emails, calls, and locations.

It can be used with any kind of electronic tool and can even record video and audio. FlexiSpy also allows the user to remain invisible on the devices so no one will suspect anything. This tracking software is best when used with iPhones and iPads. Surveillance by a professional investigator is safer, more thorough, and more objective than anything you can track with software.

How to Hack my Wife’s Phone

This is only a few of the apps that are compatible with the new iOS The two packages are available for monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions. FlexiSpy is among the top spy apps for cell phone monitoring. The app offers a great number of features for iOS devices. The app offers basic monitoring features to advanced features such as call recording, remote video capture, and remote photo capture. The app is compatible with the device that supports iOS 9. The app cannot be installed on the latest iOS. In addition to this, you require physical access to an iPhone to install the app.

For iOS 9. This means that the app will only start working when the device has been turned off and then on. FlexiSpy has two subscription plans for iOS devices. These include Premium and Extreme subscription plans. The Premium package is billed on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. On the other hand, the Extreme subscription plan is billed on a quarterly and yearly basis. It is also packed with several features that enable you to control an iPhone. You can use its remote control features to keep an eye on the target phone. As far as the compatibility with the iPhone is concerned, mSpy is compatible but it would require you to jailbreak your iPhone before installing it.

It supports iOS 7 up to iOS 9. You would need to download and install the app on their website to track an iPhone. These packages have been divided into monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions. It offers many features, but on the affordability side, it is much pricier. Spyzie is another reliable spying app in the market with several features under its name.

It can record messages and provide calls information. After synchronizing the data on iCloud, it can be accessed anywhere. The biggest downside of this iPhone monitoring app is its lagging performance. Being the newest on the market, it has a still a long way to go. The app is compatible with the iPhone. But its compatibility is limited.

It can be used on no jailbreak devices but it offers no support for jailbroken iPhones. However, this iCloud spying app can be used on the iOS 8 and above devices without requiring jailbreak.

5 Apps For Spying On Your Cheating Spouse | MobieSpy

This is perhaps its major attraction. Spyzie is cheaper than its competitors that offer the same features. For the moment it offers two packages:. Highster offers all the major spying features but lacks the compatibility with the iPhone.

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Though it offers incredible features for Android phones, it misses the same on iPhone. Still, the app is among the reputable apps online. The app is also accessible to the user through Windows and other platforms. The app is compatible with all iOS versions. But it does not support jailbreak phones. You have to install the app through their OTA over-the-air method to download the app. Highster also supports iOS Price is higher than its competitors. The package is valid for a year duration. Which is not needed in many cases. This is a mid-range Apple spying app that has all the basic features from tracking instant messengers to call logs.

How to Spy on My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing

It has a few advanced features as well like listening to the recordings of incoming and outgoing calls. Another distinct feature of this app is that if the target person changes the SIM card, you are notified. SpyEra lacks the compatibility for iOS Another requirement for the compatibility is that you would need to jailbreak your device before installing the app. SpyEra is very expensive.

Its three-month package costs equal to the monthly packages of top iPhone spying apps.

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  • In a short period of time, Appmia has grown in popularity and ranks 7th in our top 10 spying apps for iPhone It works great for your basic monitoring needs such as text messages, chats, location tracking and call monitoring. You can monitor a variety of devices with Appmia.

    How to Read My Wife’s Text Messages Without Her Knowing

    Appmia lets you monitor Android devices, iPads, iPhones along with some versions of Nokia Symbian devices and Blackberry phones. What if the person you want to monitor has an old iPhone model? While many people change their handsets, there are still a few who stick to their old handsets. GuestSpy is an app designed to monitor the older versions of iPhone. The compatibility of the app is limited and this is the major reason why GuestSpy is on number 8th on this list. GuestSpy does not support any iPhone device later than the iPhone 5C. And if you want to install the app, you have to jailbreak the phone and install it using the Cydia utility.

    Nevertheless, if you still have an old iPhone model with the jailbreak, GuestSpy is good option to go for.

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