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mSpy (best phone tracker)

This is one of the best things about mSpy. Along with this, you will get complete monitoring for the target device.

There are roughly 4 products that you can go with. Depending on the device your target uses and whether or not they have root access. So, there are many options to choose from. Coming to the point, their GPS phone tracker app is amazing and gives the accurate location which is why this product is 2 nd on our list. You can surely go with the product if you like the pricing and other features. As the name says, this comes with many features along with the GPS phone tracker free with another one.

Tracking With Native Android Features

However, the app is not completely free. When talking about the pricing, it is quite affordable and hence people easily choose this one. The charges are different for both IOS and iPhone version.

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You can take a look at their product and choose one as per your convenience. Moreover, the software comes with many other features which allow you to remotely wipe all the data and also block some of the apps.

6 Best GPS Tracker Apps for Android in

You can see the phone in real-time whenever you want. This goes best when your child has gone out for a long time and for some reasons, you are not able to call them. Also, if you have a habit of knowing where your child is at every single moment, you should try this application. With this application, you can know the location of your child whenever you want. Hence, this becomes another choice you can go with. Once you install the application on the target device, you will be able to see where their mobile phone is.

There is an inbuilt GPS phone tracker online feature that will send you all the data of their location. You can open your Spyzie account whenever you want and you will be able to see where your mobile phone is. If you are looking for other features along with the location tracking, Spyzie got it all covered.

Mobile Tracker

Their application is also able to spy completely on your target device. In other words, you will get all the data including their application usage, their call log history, and other things. If you take a look at the userbase, Spyzie has more than 6 million users which are pretty huge. Therefore, you can use it too. Last but not least, if you are wondering about the pricing, it is neither too low and nor you will pay more money for it. You can already imagine their work just by taking a look at their name. This is one such application. What is the first thing that comes to your mind after hearing the name Webwatcher?

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  6. The application keeps a full track on the location of their phone. They have their own GPS system that tracks and checks where the phone is. PCMag has given them the 4-star rating which is pretty good.

    Locate Android Phone Of We Love Someone - Mobile Spy Android - GPS Tracking- Full Control -

    Therefore, you can surely rely on it. If you are looking for the pricing of this app, you will need to hit the add to cart option.

    Gps spy android

    From there, you can see the pricing of the app. You should be able to see the pricing directly on the website without adding the product in the cart. They call it the best cell phone spy app. They have changed the name of the application. The new application that you are getting here is called Fonetracker. The working is pretty much the same but they have introduced many new features which are worth taking a look at.

    You will also get access to various other features such as phone call logs, application usage tracking and many more. You can see their official website which is simple and easy to navigate to know more features. They have more than 25 amazing features that you can take a look at. Our next best application that you should take a look at is Cocospy. It is all in 0ne parental control and tracking application.

    Moreover, the applications called itself remote surveillance as you can turn on the camera whenever you want. The tool is available for Android and IOS too. Moreover, coming to our point, they have a GPS phone tracker app feature that will send complete logs to you in your Cocospy account. The pricing is too high but there is nothing to worry. There are many discounts going on which comes every once a while.

    Salient Features

    Therefore, in the end, you will only pay what you are paying for other spying tools. Android Monitor is a tool that works only for the Android device. It can be used as a GPS phone tracker without them knowing. The pricing for the tool is surely affordable. You will get a discount as per the number of months you plan to go with. Lookout : Lookout is an all-in-one security solution where device tracking is just one of its many features. But if your device currently lacks a good antivirus app, you might as well use this one and kill two birds with one stone. Its one big advantage is availability across multiple other platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and iPhone, so you can track ALL of your devices from anywhere. Here are the best Android anti-theft apps. Obviously, this is much easier said than done. The easiest and most effective option is to use a magnetic car mount.

    Most two-piece kits come with a magnetic insert that you place inside your device case and a magnetic base that you attach to whatever you want to mount. They stick right onto the back of your device and let you use magnetic mounts per usual. There are three main drawbacks that you should be aware of, and if any of these drawbacks prove problematic for you, then you should consider using a dedicated tracker instead:.

    The Most Hidden and Safest Tracking App for Android - FoneMonitor

    Read More? How about a phone watch:. Your email address will not be published. There are many ways to spy on a phone. If you google for such apps, you'll find much info. I tried spytomobile service, it works well. If you can at least figure a way to mount the device near a window in a car or the like and provide a constant power source, they can use GPS and wifi and cellular for the best location I have been using Mologogo for cheap gps tracking.

    It runs on boost phones.

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